One of my greatest joys in life is teaching. I offer classes, workshops and E-courses in art-making.

Unless specifically noted as a workshop or class in technique, all of my classes focus on helping you find your own unique artistic expression,  your own language of color and form and marks on a surface.  I combine meditation, guided visualization, examples of other’s work, and more, with my own intuitive talents to help you discover what will give you the most fulfillment in your expression.   Your art is a powerful healing tool for your life.  Art can help us to trust our inner guidance.  I will help you to discover your own inner wisdom and archetypes. Those that may benefit from attending a workshop with me include:
  • those who have been creative in the past but find it difficult to enter back into their process
  • those would have always wanted to “make art” but have been discouraged by others or failing to achieve their own standards or are experiencing a great deal of fear around stepping forward
  • those who like my style and would like to learn how I approach my art

Creativity Activations





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