Spirit Essence Portraits

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Spirit Essence Portraits – a gift for yourself or another.

A Spirit Essence Portrait is a tool to help discover and refine your special gifts.  Your portrait will uplift and inspire you and help you to be able to develop a life with maximum peace and fulfillment.

Portraits can be done remotely or in person at Melissa’s studio.
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Each person’s portrait is intended to resonate just with that individual, and to be used as a reminder of their soul’s beauty and character. Enjoy happiness, health and prosperity when your soul’s voice is deeply listened to and accepted. You may wish to commission Spirit Essence Portraits for special occasions such as wedding or anniversary gifts or as a special birthday treat for yourself or another.  Some commission yearly portraits as visual reminders and tools to honor their progress.

I combine my background as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empath, with my artistic abilities to create your own spirit essence portrait. I will tune into you and do a watercolor painting (in the size you select) of your unique essence. I combine the elements of what I find when I am tuning in into your painting in a way that will be helpful for you in your path of development. Receive the double benefit of learning what I discover in a reading as well as owning a Melissa Harris original painting.

If it is in your budget I highly recommend the larger size. It takes up a nice space on a wall and the larger the more impact. Each additional person in a portrait is $100 more. I will be doing a separate reading on that person as well as a synthesis of your energies. Your Spirit Essence Portrait can also be made into a pendant.

Your Options:

  • In person. Make an appointment to come to my studio.

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  • Sign up for a session

    Perfect option if I am appearing at a store near you. Check my events calendar for other locations.

  • Remotely – I fit these in as I can during my “ordinary life”.  Sometimes it can take me a bit of time to fit yours in if I am doing events in different locations.  Your flexibility and patience is appreciated and will pay off in a great reading and a beautiful painting!

Process of a remote
Spirit Essence Portrait

After you have placed your order, choosing the size you would like, send me a good quality close up photo of yourself where I can see your eyes clearly, along with a few questions if you want me to focus on a specific topic or area- this is not necessary but makes it easier for me.  I will take some notes when I tune into Spirit before we speak.

We will then arrange a mutually agreeable time to Zoom.  You are welcome to take notes as we speak.  After our zoom session I will most likely ask you to send a photo of  yourself in a select pose. I’ll complete your portrait as soon after we are finished speaking as possible and will mail it to you.

After I receive your photos after the zoom, please allow 2 – 3 weeks for me to get your portrait to you. On rare occasions it may take longer.

“Is it better to have one done in person? Does it make any difference if you do it remotely?”

It really is up to what is important to you from the session. Some folks are mostly interested in the results, others, the process. There are pluses and minuses to each. I tend to work for a longer period of time on the remote ones, continuing to fine tune them, often coming back to them later in the day or next day for finishing touches. On the other hand when you have one done in person you get to experience the exchange of energies and watch me paint if that is of interest to you. I find that the information comes through from Spirit either way.

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