Goddess on the Go Divination Deck


Do you long for nourishing, comforting words during stressful times? Would you like to have support any time you want it, only a 'shuffle' away? Do you want to be inspired and uplifted? Then Goddess on the Go is the deck for you!

Goddess On the Go, published internationally by Urania AGM Muller, is a small deck of 33 uplifting and stunning paintings of women on the go combined with a heart-centered nourishing phrase. Designed especially for the fast paced life style of today's women/Goddesses, it is small enough to fit anywhere and light enough to be carried around everywhere. Goddess On the Go is accessible, positive and upbeat, your own private support group that can cheer you through difficult situations, soothe your raw edges and help you back on track when you feel overwhelmed.

Author: Amy Sophia Marashinsky / Artwork: Melissa Harris.