Long Distance Activation


Six 30 minute phone or zoom sessions

You will need the capability to email me photos of what you are working on or you can snail mail me the photos for discussion. We will cover the same territory as the above.

Includes review of homework assignment or other artworks, discussion and exploration of life issues in relation to your artwork (only if you wish to work in this way). We can work in a traditional “art school” fashion with academic assignments, or, more deeply including more of your emotional and dream states. Your choice. This is an opportunity to explore your psyche through your artwork in a way that you won’t find in other art classes.

We follow the same procedure as above for setting up our appointments in advance. We will set up session times in advance, preferably one per week or as our schedules require. If you need to cancel a session, you must do so 24 hours in advance or forfeit the session. This set of 6 sessions needs to be completed within 3 months time.

Fee includes:

  • 6 or more homework assignments created specifically for your artistic development and your individual needs as an artist
  • Six 30 minute sessions on phone or zoom meeting time
  • A 15% discount on one of my weekend workshops

Please contact me if you need to set up a payment plan. Program must be completed within 3 months.