I welcome your inquiries about image licensing. I’ve licensed my images for books, CD covers,calendars, magazines, and more.

My pricing varies greatly depending on the number of images you are interested in using and exactly how the image will be used.

I receive many inquiries about book illustrations. If you are self publishing you will need to be able to pay at least half of our agreed upon fee up front. The amount will depend on the number of images. If you are commissioning new images as opposed to existing images the fees will be higher than using images that already exist due to the time involved in creating them.

If you have a publisher you would need to show them my work and have it approved. I would need to be assured that they are willing to pay for my artwork. That price would be determined by the number of images involved.

I stay quite busy and don’t have the time to invest in a project that I don’t know for sure will be published. Therefore if you were considering contacting me about a joint project it most likely is not practical unless it is something very closely related to what I already do.

Thanks for your appreciation of my work and feel free to use this form to contact me if your question has not been answered here.