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Dreamtime Painting

Dear Friends, I’ve recently returned from a week of my own personal painting retreat and [...]

My Paintings Bring Me Messages

Dear Friends, I’ve noticed more than once that my paintings serve as guideposts in my [...]

Women Friends and Art

Hello All. Lately I’ve been receiving more orders from women that are choosing gifts of [...]

Painting Around my Home -Dragonfly Acres

              I’ve been thinking about my home a lot lately.  It’s [...]

In My Art Journey

I am continuing to enjoy the process of going into older paintings, sometimes very much [...]

30 Years Later

They say things always cycle back around or come back in fashion etc. Before I [...]

Creativity for Finding Inner Peace

Making art is my “go to” for finding inner peace, it’s my medicine.  When I [...]

The Divine Feminine at Dragonfly Acres

My focus for the next few months is the Divine Feminine, how the Goddess works [...]

Dreams Come True

In my life many dreams have come true.  I’m including a photo of the Valentines [...]

Florida Days of Pleasure

I never thought that I would be interested in spending time in Florida.  Tropical environments [...]