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Re-Entry from the Tropics to the Northeast March 2015

I have a love/hate relationship with the re-entry process.  Since I travel often it’s an [...]

Painting in Paradise – the ups and downs

Painting in paradise has it’s ups and downs.  For example on this trip, one of [...]

Gratitude for Health and Well Being

After going through a period of ill health some years ago there is not a [...]

Make New Friends But…… August 18 2014

Keep the Old!  I used to like to sing that jangle when I was a [...]

BEAUTY March 15, 2014

For the past couple of months, and, depending on one’s outlook, all my life, immersed [...]

More Hawaii Paintings Feb 24, 2014

As I sit here writing this I’m aware that this month of bliss is soon [...]

The Maui Chapter

This leg of my trip has been interesting- ……..  I spent a good deal of [...]

Hawaii week one

I’m always in bliss here in Hawaii.  Magic happens here, for me at least.  Things [...]

Women and Magic January 3, 2014

Hey Ho!  I turned in the completed manuscrpt for my new book on the first [...]

Writing with Cats November 13 2013

I don”t know how anyone who has cats can be a writer.  Cats naturally love [...]