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Spectrum Blog Hop Winner!

Hello there fellow artists and creatives.  Today I announce the winner of my blog hop [...]

Happy Holidays 2016

Lou and I have been enjoying time with friends that I only see once or [...]

Holiest of Holys

It’s been an interesting time going through my second Saturn return.  The first one happens [...]

Painting in France, Italy and Elsewhere!

I’ve been fed; fed more than I can eat.  I am speaking mostly of inspiration.  [...]


It’s harvest season here and hopefully you are able to enjoy some of the bounty [...]

I Love Adventures!

This summer I’ve been fortunate to have my annual pilgrimage to Maine. The trip is [...]

Waterfall Paintings

I have often thought of things in terms of elements.  Since I have so much [...]

Mixing it up with Life and Teaching this Week

I’ll begin by saying that I adore teaching. This week involved more teaching than usual. [...]

Women and Nature June 7, 2015

I don’t know whether it is because I spent most of my time out of [...]

Fairies in Real Life

I’ve been accused by some as being very silly.  I’m glad I have this trait [...]