Painting in Paradise – the ups and downs

Painting in paradise has it’s ups and downs.  For example on this trip, one of [...]

Chilling Out

I’ve often said I have only two speeds, fast and stop.  I love my work, [...]

Thanksgiving Week 2014

I have recently returned from 2 different expos. Now I have a bad cold. This [...]

Gratitude for Health and Well Being

After going through a period of ill health some years ago there is not a [...]

Why Artists are Good Cooks

I have a theory about why artists are good cooks.  Both activities require a creative [...]

Dreams and Paintings

For the past several nights my dreams have been powerful, potent and telling.  ”What do [...]

Make New Friends But…… August 18 2014

Keep the Old!  I used to like to sing that jangle when I was a [...]

Serious Mermaids August 5 2014

How does one know if one is a mermaid?  I’ve come across some that claimed [...]

I Love Summer July 22, 2014

I love summer!   Living in the northeast makes one really appreciate the difference in [...]

Painting Flurry July 2014

Since I generally don’t travel much in the summer months I decided to buckle down [...]