Creativity for Finding Inner Peace

Making art is my “go to” for finding inner peace, it’s my medicine.  When I [...]

Artist Residence in Cornwall


The Divine Feminine at Dragonfly Acres

My focus for the next few months is the Divine Feminine, how the Goddess works [...]

Pink, Blue and Yellow

Every year there is a window for about two weeks where I can look out [...]

Out with the Old

I missed my annual Hawaii trip this year.  Due to various reasons (one of which [...]

Dreams Come True

In my life many dreams have come true.  I’m including a photo of the Valentines [...]

Florida Days of Pleasure

I never thought that I would be interested in spending time in Florida.  Tropical environments [...]

Spectrum Blog Hop Winner!

Hello there fellow artists and creatives.  Today I announce the winner of my blog hop [...]

Spectrum 2016

I love being able to give gifts of creativity away! And because I’m a guest [...]

Happy Holidays 2016

Lou and I have been enjoying time with friends that I only see once or [...]