Instant Manifestation

Dear Friends, Just the other day I was thinking that outside of spending time to [...]

Life and Art

Dear Friends, Hello. I’m back from my February travels and happy to say that my [...]

Dreamtime Painting

Dear Friends, I’ve recently returned from a week of my own personal painting retreat and [...]

The Planning of a Retreat

Dear Friends, I hope you are enjoying summer. My 9 acres of property keeps me [...]

My Paintings Bring Me Messages

Dear Friends, I’ve noticed more than once that my paintings serve as guideposts in my [...]

Travel Goes Into the Mix

What I read and where I go on my travels influences my paintings. What prompted [...]

Women Friends and Art

Hello All. Lately I’ve been receiving more orders from women that are choosing gifts of [...]

Painting Around my Home -Dragonfly Acres

              I’ve been thinking about my home a lot lately.  It’s [...]

In My Art Journey

I am continuing to enjoy the process of going into older paintings, sometimes very much [...]

30 Years Later

They say things always cycle back around or come back in fashion etc. Before I [...]