LINESThe best way to learn all about my life as an artist and intuitive is to read my book “Painting Outside the Lines” – part memoir, and also addresses the questions about the connections between creativity and spirituality that folks have asked of me over time.  The book is full of photos of paintings not seen anywhere else and personal life stories.

My passion for life is continually renewed by the joy & magic I experience as a result of my intention to open to Source Energy. A connection to Mother Earth fuels my being & inspires imagery.

I’m an artist, author and teacher of art & life.

My mother always told me I was “too sensitive”. In my experience almost all especially creative individuals are on the side of extra sensitive. This is where the power in my art comes from.  It’s also how I approach the workshops and retreats I offer.

I have had clairvoyant experiences all my life. When we were young we’d be riding along on a trip somewhere new and I would shout out that I had seen the scenery the night before in my dreams. I couldn’t understand why others didn’t “know” the same things that I automatically did. I began to feel different than others. I was also always drawing and painting. My parents fed me a constant supply of paints, crayons and paper to keep me quiet.

My parents urged me to go to college for something I could make money at. In my first year of college I was most passionate about my art class, but discouraged by my parents. I decided to major in fashion design but every time the elevator went by the 3rd floor and I smelled the oil paint, I felt drawn. I got a BFA from Syracuse University in Painting and an MFA in painting from Queens College in the New York City area. During my years as a graduate student I was put on probation by the all male graduate committee. I was having a spiritual awakening and trying to paint the images that were coming through in my visions and dreams. The graduate faculty committee was unhappy with my constant change of format and thought the images “hokey or corny”. The only one who understood was a woman on the faculty that was a practicing astrologer. We decided that I had to do what I had to do to graduate. I knew I could paint a portrait that would knock them out so I did. Problem was that I was really yearning to experiment more with “unknown” territory but that would have to be put on hold. I had blown away the faculty at the school Ii had attended before that with a life-size portrait of a friend so I did it again and finished grad school with a body of life size portraits. When I did the portraits I went into trance-like states and channeled the subject’s essence. The results were very powerful life size expressive portraits.

I received a Fulbright grant to Paris for painting when I was 30 years old. Right before I left I had an experience that was about to change my life forever. I had begun to learn to meditate and that had become part of my life as well as astrological studies. The rest you can read about in my book. (The experience of getting the grant and the events around it are another magical story…

Upon returning to the States I studied hands on healing with Barbara Brennan, one of the early teachers of energy healing in the US. Because  I didn’t have time to paint full time as well as learn to be an energy healer, I put the energy studies aside knowing that because it was of great interest I’d pick it back up again later.

I have published greeting cards, books and card decks and other companies including Llewellyn and US Games have also published my work. Books I’ve written include 100 Keys to a Creative Life, and Painting Outside the Lines. My activation card deck is called “Anything is Possible” and my art is featured on the popular affirmation card deck “Goddess on the Go. All of these items can be ordered through my website or on Amazon.

My love of travel was a good compliment when it was time for me to circle back to metaphysical work, I traveled around the US to stores and centers combining intuitive readings with my painting skills by doing what I call “Spirit Essence Portraits”. I sit with a client and receive information by way of visuals, or audio or sensory perception. After a discussion with the client I take that information and create a watercolor painting with the intention that the image will be inspirational and healing.

I facilitate Art and Spirit Workshops and retreats, both at my studio and around the US, Italy, and Ireland. I help participants to find their own unique expression by combining painting with meditation and other inner process tools. I choose beautiful and energetically charged places to have our adventures. The gatherings have led to folks creating new art tribes and artwork that they can feel proud of.

I live in gratitude each day for the blessings in my life. I share my home with my partner on 9 acres in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Our land has wonderful meadows and a magical forest that back up to a reservoir, complete with an organic garden and fire pit. I’m fortunate to have what I call my “dream studio” (after paying my dues painting in some rough places) complete with a French door overlooking the meadow and forest as well as huge windows and skylights. I feel it is an absolute must to know what our dreams are so that we can manifest them (as I say on my greeting card “Spinning Your Dreams”). For years I fantasized about a large airy studio. I’m a big swimmer, hence the mermaid series in my collection of imagery.

Sustainable living is at the top of my list of priorities. I feel an obligation to live as simply as I can with an awareness of how each action is related to the next, both in terms of how we can be as waste efficient as possible, and also in terms of how we relate to others. It is my continuing practice to try and live fully in each moment, keeping in mind the desire for the best for all concerned.

“Painting is my medicine…Through these decades of a sometimes erratic and ever-evolving life, painting had been the one constant. Relationships and homes have come and gone, but my paint box is always with me.”  from my book “Painting Outside the Lines”.