Instant Manifestation

Dear Friends,

Just the other day I was thinking that outside of spending time to create the best Art & Spirit experiences I can offer, I have not been involved in a new project in awhile. And then…voila, I got an email with a juicy invitation. Actually it was almost as if I had breathed the project into being, it was so automatic. When I opened the invitational email I smiled to myself thinking about the synchronicity and felt an inner “yes”. I am going to be part of an exciting new collaborative book which I’ll tell you more about when the project is nearing completion and it’s time to announce.

Meanwhile, my retreat to Sedona and Flagstaff was successful in all ways and I’m settling back in. Us women made new friends, some good art and saw amazing sights. Our laughs were a consistent part of the experience along with signing in the car and some good Mexican food. I learned about Grub Hub and Instacart! I live in the sticks and these things are not part of my daily world, but when we had our pizza cravings or needed groceries these women did their phone magic with these apps. Appetites were satisfied.

Going back to the conversation about manifestation, when I planned the Sedona Art & Spirit Retreat, I didn’t have the Grand Canyon in mind, or specific places in mind for us to set up and paint, but I had an inner knowing that it would be a good destination for a retreat. I have a friend who used to own a condo in Sedona so I did a research trip and she drove me around to a few possible sites for us to paint “plein air” (on site).  There was one in particular I loved because it is private and my women would not be disturbed while painting.  There was a nearby stream to provide a peaceful, soothing background.

A couple of women asked if we would visit the Grand Canyon but I wasn’t sure if the distance would be prohibitive. If it would be good to include the Grand Canyon, then we would. There were places I had in mind to visit, but new things by way of conversation the few days before popped up and I switched up our itinerary. I believe in following my gut. I can’t think of a time it has led me in a wrong direction. The decision to follow my gut on this one rather than having a strict plan resulted in the lot of us enjoying the gifts of that flow. Some of the women had visited the area before and had great restaurants and drives to include. The first day I handed out a printed itinerary knowing well that it would probably change. I figure attendees like to have at least an idea of where we may be heading but as we met in circle each morning we made our decisions jointly resulting in a retreat where everyone got plenty of what they wanted.

And now – in returning to “normal world”, I miss our morning meetings and laughter and song and can’t wait until the next retreat. I hope to see you on one of these if it is something that calls to you.