Life and Art

Dear Friends,

Hello. I’m back from my February travels and happy to say that my adventures fed my need for switching things up,

First we visited a couple of towns in Mexico that had been on my list, Lake Chapala and Oaxaca. We were visiting to see if maybe we would like to spend some winter time there as well as possibly exploring for Art and Spirit Retreat locations.

We thoroughly enjoyed both of these spots and I could put together a wonderful retreat in Oaxaca due to all the crafts and just walking around this colorful city with it’s gorgeous architecture. I’m wondering if there is any interest from any of you for next winter in Oaxaca? It’s not a coastal city. It’s a beautiful city full of color and markets and rich cultural places of interest. Above all the area is known for it’s remarkable crafts, weaving, wood carving, black pottery, candle making and carving. I’ll post some pics below.

It’s during my travels that I am presented with reminders of what feels most important in life.

In Mexico I ..enjoyed the warmth of the Mexican people. In all of our interactions we were treated with respect. I live in a tourist area myself and I know and understand what it’s like to have weekend and summer visitors, many from New York City.

My next adventure was a research trip to Sedona and Flagstaff to fine tune my itinerary. That visit got me even more psyched about the upcoming retreat. The land is so beautiful.

On that trip I had the opportunity to stay with friends and practice being a good guest. My one friend is very committed to her path as a Tibetan Buddhist and she is careful to be of service in any way she can to the world around her. She adopts older animals that no one else will take and gives them a good ending to life. She is committed to living sustainably and will not order from Amazon in order to support local business and help the planet limit it’s use of fossil fuels by way of shipping and shipping supplies. She volunteers her services to those in need. I could continue but you get the point. I like surrounding myself with people that inspire me.

I’m back home now and ready to jump back into my routine.

Until next time, take good care.   Melissa