My Paintings Bring Me Messages

Dear Friends,

I’ve noticed more than once that my paintings serve as guideposts in my life.

One way in which this happens is that a particular image becomes unusually popular during a short period of time.

Recently the watercolor “Cycles of Life” followed this trajectory.  I did the painting years ago on Monhegan Island in Maine while I was doing a painting retreat there with a friend.  My friend is the woman standing on the rocks overlooking the ocean.  Within one week I received two orders for prints and greeting cards of this image which would not be unusual for some of my top sellers, but odd for this particular painting.

Furthermore, I had two dreams that week with my friend in them.  I thought that odd since she has moved away and we have not been close in recent years.

And— A friend came to visit and purchased the original painting about a week later!

I stepped back to analyze what the message or messages could be and discovered a couple of themes that are relevant to current life issues.  Sometimes I get answers by doing this, in the same way I do by writing down and examining my dreams.  The messages guide me as to what steps I might take or changes that could be made.

I’m always looking for signs.  If any of you find that you receive messages too, I’d love to hear how they come for you.

Until next time,  Melissa