Women Friends and Art

Hello All.

Lately I’ve been receiving more orders from women that are choosing gifts of my images that focus on comfort and healing.

Today I received an order of this particular greeting card selection from one woman to another.  She included such a sweet message for her friend and it touched me.  In these Covid times where many find themselves isolated, gestures such as these take on greater meaning than ever before.

For myself I have been going the extra mile, letting people in traffic go ahead, offering help at the market, smiling at others when I pass and more when  I see I can make a difference.  In the northeast people can be grumpy (I attribute it to the weather, but truthfully not sure where it comes from).

There have been times when I deliberately create a feel good image for my line but sometimes I am just painting from my heart and the content of the image and the way I paint it may come out to suggest “warm and fuzzy” even if that was not my conscious intention.

Making art is a healing venture in itself.  When we set aside the time to let what is inside pour out we are giving ourselves time in the right side of our brain and this automatically relaxes us. I know this to be true for myself and I witness it in those that attend my workshops.  Now, more than ever we need to feed ourselves the things that bring us joy as often as possible.  I try and make sure to include at least one pleasurable activity in my day, even if it is as small as taking 5 minutes to observe the sunrise (or sunset) or to take a route that is out of my way because it is more beautiful.

May this post find you receiving plenty of love and kindness in  your daily life.

Until next time, Melissa