Painting Around my Home -Dragonfly Acres



I’ve been thinking about my home a lot lately.  It’s an old farmhouse on 9 lovely acres in the catskill Mountains of New York.  I’ve lived here for 23 years, longer than I have lived anywhere else.  It’s not a great house, but it is home.  The land is what makes this place so special, as well as the studio we built, adjacent to the house.

I realize that up until this point in my life I haven’t thought much about my home environment.  The way I put it is that I have always lived in my head, meaning that I am usually engaged in a creative project of some sort, whether it be making a painting or creating a class or painting retreat.  I could be sitting in a dank basement or a New York City subway and it would all be the same because I’m literally living in my head.  I am. picturing images or classes etc.  When I’m in my office or studio, I’m in my head!

It has been a priority to me that my place be quiet, after living in NYC for many years.  I also wanted my space to be surrounded by nature.  I have both here.  Some of my friends are real estate agents and a couple of them have an astrological sun sign in Cancer which rules the home generally speaking.  They have put a lot of time and energy into creating beautiful home interiors.  Oddly I have spent more time creating gardens and cultivating the exterior of my home environment.  This year I am imagining rearranging things when the winter comes along and hopefully creating something new in my house.

Because I work from life, I tend to paint what catches my eye in any given moment.  I’ve done so many paintings from inside and outside my home and these are just a very few.  All of these are sold but if you’re in the market for art, I have plenty for you.

Enjoy,  and till next time,  Melissa