Out with the Old

Maine coast maine sunburstMaine Sunset

I missed my annual Hawaii trip this year.  Due to various reasons (one of which was to spend time with my honey) I opted to be here in the Catskills and as it turned out our winter wasn’t much of a winter at all.  I’m getting really psyched for Spring.  Here in the northeast we never really had much of a winter which was just fine with me.  I had a note from one of my students this morning describing how she was getting a “tingling” to create. She wondered if it had anything to do with the weather.  I think it does.  I love painting out of doors or “plein air”.  And when you add painting with other painters along and throw in some chocolate it doesn’t get much better!

That being said, the pics above are from our retreat site for my June Watercolor retreat in southern Maine.  All skill levels welcome.  I can’t wait, personally.

This month I’m continuing to shift my focus from too much work-a-holic to more pleasure.  So far I’m succeeding but I admit that I will most likely fight this tendency all my life.  My honey keeps regular working hours so I have been practicing taking some time off on the weekends to relax.  I enjoy most of what I do but sometimes the marketing and shipping parts I can do without.  I’m in spring clean up mode now and I wish some of you were here.  I’m even tossing some old paintings!

I tend to keep things forever so when I look at some of these I think- nah!  you can toss it.  Then I remember open studio time when I keep paintings aside that I think are not that great attempts and others love them.  I have this thing about “condensing”. I love it.  Who knows why.  I even do it in the refrigerator constantly.  I think maybe because it gives me a feeling of accomplishment but most of the time it’s a procrastination tool to avoid something I don’t want to do but still can feel productive.  Now you know the workings of my silly little mind.

So, I’m back into the office and studio now to continue to condense.  See you soon I hope.  And enjoy the wonder of Spring.