Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True - version copy IMG_7324In my life many dreams have come true.  I’m including a photo of the Valentines Day flowers my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with when I went in to work to do my Spirit Essence Portraits.  I was so surprised and touched that he had sent these to me in Florida since we were not able to be together on Valentines Day.  I’ve been waiting a long time for someone this wonderful to come into my life and here he is –  YAY!!!!!!

Some years ago I set intention to travel for work.  This dream came true as well and now I enjoy many adventures in different locations, some of them annually as well as new ones continually coming in.  I am a big believer in becoming clear on how we want to live our lives and then taking steps to create that.  Granted, things do not always fall into place as quickly as we like, or not in the exact ways we had pictured, but the way I see it, what is the alternative?

If we don’t get clear on how we want things to look, we can’t complain.  I realize that others living in many many other places on the planet don’t have the choices that we do.  And many living right here as well, but most of you reading this blog do have some choices.

I know that some see my life as exotic – and to some it is, but I’m a very hard worker that needs to make a living so I do the best I can to combine what I need to do with what I love.  Recently I realized how much I enjoyed my time teaching in Italy last year so I decided to focus on creating more of that.  Things have fallen into place in truly magical ways, and that is how I know I am “in the flow”. Being in the flow does not mean everything just happens, I do work hard to create things in the best way possible and I love the creativity that that entails.

Here are a few assorted pics from my Florida visit including some manatees I was fortunate enough to see!  Another dream come true.

Thanks for checking in and be well until next time.


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