Florida Days of Pleasure


I never thought that I would be interested in spending time in Florida.  Tropical environments didn’t call to me in my younger days.  It’s a different thing being older, working hard and needing time in restful rejuvenating spots in nature and I’m glad to say that I have created opportunities to spend time in these spots periodically since I don’t live on the coast.  There is nothing that soothes me as much as just sitting on the beach in any time of the year, even if it’s cold.

I don’t mind that I am working when I get to mix in so much pleasure.  In my home life I find myself getting a bit stir crazy being alone all the time in my office and on the computer too much.  I am a strange mix of a people person and a social person.  These trips are the ideal way for me to change up  my scenery in a way that I am still able to work.

I’m grateful to be able to go to warmer climates in the winter months.  Usually it’s been Hawaii but this year I could not afford to take the time to travel as long or as far (even though I do work on all my travels in some way or another).  This year I’m planning so many workshops in other places that take focus as well as other projects so here I am in sunny Florida and sharing laughs, meals and great conversation with my peeps.  I began my stay with a couple of days in St. Petersburg, a town I haven’t spent much time in with my guy, and then met with Nan, the sponsor for my France trip to combine thoughts on packing our trip with as much great yumminess as possible.

Now here on the East coast with an old friend and working for a few days on web stuff like this while he is at work, with a few beach walks interspersed.  Next I’ll drive up to High Springs a bit north of Gainesville, to see more friends and do my workshop with Sharron Britton combining art-making and crystals- what fun!  And of course doing Spirit Essence Portraits.  I’ve made friends with Sharron’s friends so it is always big fun to be able to see them yearly too and I’ve fallen in love with the landscape there with the Spanish moss and wonderful rivers and springs.

Speaking of that this is my time to do some painting of the Santa Fe River and the beautiful natural springs in that area.  I’ll post what I am working on in a few days when I get up there.  Until then, be well and may your own lives be infused with what ever pleasure means to you.