Holiest of Holys

It’s been an interesting time going through my second Saturn return.  The first one happens when we are around 30.  The second one 30 years later. Different astrologers have different takes on the meaning of Saturn returns (when Saturn returns to the position it was in when one was born).
In the last couple of months I have found myself returning to places that have been “holy” for me in life.  The top photo is the sanctuary at the Menla Retreat Center around here but it used to be the Pathwork Center where I spent a good deal of time learning about myself and working hard to make changes.  The sanctuary is a place where folks go to meditate, pray or do other ceremony so it holds the energies of prayer like a church does.  I have had some very powerful inner experiences in there.  I decided to drive by there  since I was in the area last week.  I have not been back in about 15 -20 years, since the Pathwork Center closed.  I drove up and parked by the sanctuary and had a nice meditation.  I was thinking about the fact that it was 30 years ago when I used to spend time in there.
The other two photos are in my friend’s apartment in Paris.  The middle one is both of us.  She has a view of the Seine from her window- you can see that in one photo as well as behind us in the one of us.  I always felt a strong energy in her place and during this past trip she mentioned (as we were walking by a spot right outside her place) that one of her Spiritual teachers had informed her that that spot sat on one of the earth’s energy centers.  As I mentioned in my last newsletter it was nice to spend time with another painter friend with similar painting interests.
What was also interesting in terms of “holy” (an saturn returns) was that back when I first got my painting grant to come to Paris and paint 30 years ago I ended up staying with a kind couple in St. Denis, a suburb outside of Paris.  This trip 30 years later I found myself staying in an apartment of a friend in ………..guess where?…………….Saint Denis once again.
I love looking at serendipity in my life and noticing when things feel auspicious.
A very holy and interesting time it has been.
Until next time, be well,   Melissa