It’s harvest season here and hopefully you are able to enjoy some of the bounty and beauty of the season. This image (watercolor circa 1998 or so) was inspired by the fun I have with wild-crafting (the collection and preparation of wild plants for use as drugs, special foods or home remedies.)  If painting wasn’t a full time job would also like to be an herbalist.  I have taken workshops with Susun Weed a well known local herbalist. I  enjoyed working with other women while we learned the different uses and properties of the plants. It has been said by many that women are more the caretakers of the earth.  When I am among  a few women and we are planting or harvesting I feel part of an ancient sacred community that tends to the earth.

In some of my paintings I work from life and others out of my head and others from photos.  Sometimes it is a combination of all three.  This would be the case here.  I actually remember combining a couple of different photos of women working the earth and situated them in a setting from my imagination.  When I create an image I don’t always work from what is in front of me (although I prefer to) because for me it is easier.  But sometimes what is in front of me is not the most pleasing color or subject wise.  I like the idea here of the mystery of the winding path behind the women.

Until next month’s painting story may you and yours be well.