I Love Adventures!

This summer I’ve been fortunate to have my annual pilgrimage to Maine. The trip is always chock full of so many ingredients including painting seascapes, visiting beaches, doing Spirit Essence Portraits, eating incredible food, and spending time with dear friends.
The friend I stay with enjoys adventures with me and takes me to new places in nature for us both to enjoy and I get to paint at. I love the excitement of waking up as early as I can to go and paint a seascape and making sure that I am somewhere gorgeous at sunset to paint again.  I enjoy painting at those times because the light is the most interesting.  I don’t think anything makes me happier than to sit in nature on a gorgeous day in a beautiful spot with my paints.  Better yet if friends are along.  My friends enjoy sitting in nature too and if they are not painters they are meditating or simply enjoying the view.
This particular trip I decided not to pressure myself with quantity (of paintings).  There was so much to do and we had a few days of inclement (or at least cloudy) weather which was disappointing but I’ve learned not to spend energy over what can’t be and enjoy what I happen to be doing anyway. As often happens, I started some paintings but am waiting until I get a bit of time to give them finishing touches in my studio.  The one I have pictured with the reeds in front that is just beginning shows good promise.  This was one of the later afternoon images.  In fact both images that include paintings were later day images and the photos without paintings are morning shots.  I love the challenge of capturing the light as best as I can into the watercolors.
Sometimes I paint in oils outside but mostly I use watercolors because they are so much easier to transport.  I save my oils these days for the studio.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you and share the joy at some of my art adventures soon.
Warmly, Melissa