Waterfall Paintings

I have often thought of things in terms of elements.  Since I have so much air in my astrological chart and so little water I thought that I didn’t need water.  Actually, I do need water because I don’t have any! In astrology water rules the emotions.  I am quite emotional so I look to many other factors in my astrological chart to explain this since I don’t have much water.

In terms of my art, the water began creeping in about 8 years ago taking the form of a desire to paint waterfalls.  Painting water is very difficult!  Fortunately I live in an area where waterfalls are plentiful and the desire to paint them provided a good excuse to go and hang out in them.  The first time I attempted them I was working from life with my watercolors.  Around the same time I took photos and worked in the studio with oils.  The waterfall paintings went on for a couple of years until I began hanging out at the ocean on a more regular basis.

Painting “plein air” is my ideal way for spending time in nature.  I go into a light trance when I’m painting anyway so to be able to do that out of doors in a beautiful spot by the water is HEAVEN!  A few years ago I went out with a couple of my students/friends to paint out of doors in spots where there was an option to swim.  Those remain great memories.  Most of the time I paint outside I am alone.

Next month brings me to one of my very favorite places to paint the water- Maine.  I hope to show  you the fruits of my efforts soon.  Until then I hope you are enjoying your summer.  Melissa