Mixing it up with Life and Teaching this Week

Workshop Photo

I’ll begin by saying that I adore teaching.

This week involved more teaching than usual.  Between my online class, the weekend Painting Outside the Lines art-making workshop here at my studio, an evening watercolor class, and private online mentoring I was switching gears a lot.  Believe it or not they vary alot.  The most variation is between my weekend workshops and the local evening watercolor class.

The evening class is strictly technique.  The weekend workshops mix that up with a lot of personal processing geared to each individual as well as the group as a whole.  One of my favorite activities is working with a group of people and letting the class take a form of it’s own, letting it organically shift and flow with the needs of the group as they arise.  I may begin the day with a plan, but it is exciting for me to find that something completely different needs to occur and to flow with that.  A poem or song may fall into my mind when someone is sharing, so we go with that and one thing leads to another. When these weekends are over I am sad to see the women depart, we’ve seen each other’s art and lives evolve.

I try to be organic and flexible in my personal life as well.

On top of teaching in many venues I also helped a friend who had surgery and found myself once again in awe of the inadequacy of our hospitals and medical system in general……Frustrating and maddening.

Ah well, all this works calls for a break and I’m about to enjoy some of the new season of Orange is the new Black.

Till next time, happy trails…..Melissa