Women and Nature June 7, 2015

I don’t know whether it is because I spent most of my time out of doors growing up in Virginia, or because I just feel best outside, I need a considerable amount of time in nature.  In winter when we are so closed in for so long I have to leave in order to be able to get my nature fix.  I know I could get into winter sports but that is another story.

In my observations most all of us need to be recharged by Mother Earth.  I had a conversation once with someone who shared that they don’t care about being outside at all.  That was fascinating to me.

In any case I need to take myself outside for walks a few times a week because I find it regenerates me. I love to make picnics, making a day of it at a certain spot.  I also find that spending time still in nature allows me to get back in touch with myself on a deep level.  Even though my studio is only a few steps away from my house, I always stop and take a deep breath of air, even on a cold winter night.  My view of tall pine trees with the moon peeking through always humbles me. Staying still in the same spot repeatedly gives us an intimate glimpse into the ongoing life in that spot.  I get to observe what critters and insects visit.  I get to listen to the changes in sounds.  I take whiffs of what may be blooming or dying, etc.

Painting outside is the epitome of nature experiences for me.  I feel like I really meld with the spot I’m situated in and some of that is because I am in sort of a light trance state when I am painting.  I love turning others on to painting out of doors.  The photo here is from my last painting workshop in Cape Cod.  Perhaps you’d like to  join me at my next one this September?

Until next time, be well.   Melissa