Painting in Paradise – the ups and downs

Painting in paradise has it’s ups and downs.  For example on this trip, one of the dogs where I am staying ate one of my watercolor pads.  At  home or in many locations this would not be a problem, but the nearest art supply store is far far away, taking up a whole day of what would be painting time.  Tip- bring extra supplies!

Each day I wake up so excited that I don’t get enough sleep-  To be here with so much inspiration puts me over the top and I wake up before sunrise to prepare for my outing for the day.  Once I leave the house it’s far to return home so I have to bring food, paints, and beach stuff.  Not a bad problem to have, this I realize, but it takes a lot of time and focus.  I’ve been known to arrive and set up at an ideal painting spot to discover that I have forgotten my palette or brushes or what have you.

Then there is the often arrived cold or virus from being on the plane.  I’ve lost almost 2 days so far on this particular trip and last year I lost over a week, staying in bed for 3 days solid.  I wanted to nip this in the bud this time, having caught a cold, and went down to the spa at the Temple of Peace to do an ozone treatment.  I don’t know if they are approved on the mainland, but they really work.  Today is day 2 of not being able to paint and I am counting on being able to get back out tomorrow.

All this said, I’m not complaining, really I’m not, but in an ideal world I’d love to have much more time to do my own painting because it’s heaven.

It’s also heaven to be able to follow my own rythyms, going with the flow in a way that I am not able to do in my “normal” life. Some of you know that I work all that time at home with administrative etc and it is so nice to do WHAT I LOVE TO DO!!!!!!!!!  see you next time…..Melissa