Chilling Out

I’ve often said I have only two speeds, fast and stop.  I love my work, so I don’t find the fact that I work a LOT to be a problem. Sometimes it’s annoying when there are things I want to do and can’t because of the odd nature of my freelance lifestyle and it can sometimes bother those around me.  I’ve taken a few days off between Christmas and New Years to relax and rejuvenate in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  However, that can look different for me than it might for someone else.  I will still enjoy posting on social media most mornings, and if I can get in some good warm days I will still be going to some of my paint spots to try and get in some painting.

My family has had a house here on the Outer Banks since the 80’s and every time I come I feel like I am in a new chapter in my life, this time included.  The house is modest but comfortable.  It carries memories of my mother who passed in 1998 and it is the last place that I spent time with her so there is also a bit of melancholy that can arise for me when I visit.