Thanksgiving Week 2014

I have recently returned from 2 different expos. Now I have a bad cold. This is particularly unfortunate because I was supposed to be in North Carolina with my family.  This will be the first year that I have not been with them on Thanksgiving in as long as I can remember.  I don’t have any family close by and my family is tiny to begin with.  So I’ve been frustrated and a bit melancholy.  The holidays can do that to begin with anyway. They’re markers on the wheel of the year, ways in which I (and some others I know) can measure and sometimes judge our progress;  what we have and have not accomplished.  So, even though I feel good about where I am in my life, I miss my loved ones and it is never easy being sick.

I don’t do too many shows per year, usually just one as a matter of fact.  I enjoy doing them but they are a tremendous amount of work and I’m not a spring chicken!  This year I scheduled 2 in a row and as a result have gotten a bit run down.  I know many artists do shows every weekend but I’m not used to it. What is great for me about the shows is that I get to enjoy feedback from those that appreciate and support me by way of buying my art.

Another GREAT THING for me is that I have been blessed with fabulous helpers at these shows.  This enables me the time to spend talking with folks, meeting and making new friends, including the helpers and makes the process easier and much more fun.  My usual helper (Christina Boitsits O’Keefe) at the Natural Living Expo could not make it this year because she just had a beautiful baby girl so she said she would get me a sub.  I was thinking that there would not be a sub that could measure up to her fabulous presence (and she knows my line well at this point), but lo and behold I was truly blessed with Alison Duncan Vandergrift and wow, did we have a great time.

Thanks to all of you who have been there for me in any way.  I’m so grateful this Thanksgiving.

Till soon, Melissa