Why Artists are Good Cooks

I have a theory about why artists are good cooks.  Both activities require a creative mind.  If one is cooking and the mixture doesn’t taste just right, we need to imagine what may make it better- a pinch of salt, more cayenne, etc.  Or we may want to create a different texture and would need to be able to imagine how to go about doing that.  What could we add to acquire that consistency?

When we are imagining we are calling to mind different ingredients in the same way that we would call in different colors or textures if we were a visual artist or different instruments if we are musicians or composers, or different characters or scenarios if we are writers.

When we do this imagining, we do it from a place of not knowing and fill in the void with different options.  If we are able to do this with art, we should be able to do this while cooking.  And vice versa.

I’ve noticed that my artist friends are excellent cooks.

This is of course, my opinion.  I’m open and interested in hearing yours!