Dreams and Paintings

Dream angel

For the past several nights my dreams have been powerful, potent and telling.  ”What do you mean by “telling?” you may ask.

For most of my adult life I’ve turned to my dreams to help understand what may be going on in my life on less than conscious levels.  I’ve gotten pretty good at learning to interpret dreams, both for myself and others.  It helps a lot to talk about them.  Of course, I write them down and I write them down when they are fresh, so if that means in the middle of the night, so be it.  I could write a whole passage just on dreams but I wanted to share how my paintings interface with my dreams.  If I am in the midst of a period where I am painting a lot, I find that my dreams are more vivid in color and that I am dreaming about actually choosing the colors that will go into the paintings I am currently working on.

I’m not currently in the midst of a serious painting time but I had a great dream the other night where a significant person in my life visited my studio and painted all the paintings I had done over again, but the ones that this person painted were even better. I knew in this dream that what the person was doing was honoring me in some way.

I woke up and went “wow” because it was one of those dreams that you just know in your gut is important.  I enjoy chewing on those for as long as it takes to understand it.  I don’t quite know completely what this one is about but I’m working it.  I’m fascinated by how everything is connected, and also how color is emphasized sometimes in the dreams.

Happy Dreaming to you!