Make New Friends But…… August 18 2014

Keep the Old!  I used to like to sing that jangle when I was a kid- and even at the early age of 6 or so when I learned it I thought a lot about it.  Actually I thought a lot about anything with a reference to color.  I was so blessed this past weekend to receive a visit from two very old friends.  I met Charisse when I liked in France.  Our mutual astrologer at the time said we should connect so when I arrive in Paris I reached out to Charisse and we became fast friends.  Maybe a year or so later Charisse moved back to the states and settled in LA.

When Lauren, a friend of mine from NYC moved to LA I carried out the thread that the astrologer had begun and said they much connect.  They did and became close friends also.

During the past almost 30 years we all have been in contact and then not in contact, you know how it goes,  but the soul connection remained intact.  When we have connected we go right back to where we were.  There is something so special about knowing someone a long time and learning their patterns.

As we conversed throughout yesterday I so valued statements that each of them made as well as enjoying the rich memories from the past.

We spent hours in my studio and it was fun to hear their comments as they perused the many paintings.  One of them was searching for art for her home and I found it funny when the other one said “well, this is a real Melissa piece” since my work has gone through so very many changes over the years.  In the end, each of them selected different styles to match their tastes and personalities and some of my “Children” found new homes.

I’m grateful for the richness of this summer as the days grow shorter and the cicadas begin their late summer concert.  The fall brings a different kind of magic which will be rich as well.

See you soon,,,,,,Melissa