Serious Mermaids August 5 2014

How does one know if one is a mermaid?  I’ve come across some that claimed ownership of that title, but for me it has mostly to do with actually loving to be in the water, not just liking to be by it or on top of it in a kayak or canoe.  Some of my friends are fellow mermaids and some make me look lame in comparison.  By that I mean that they are able to stay in the frigid Maine waters (58 degrees even) for as long as an hour or an hour and a half!  On my recent trip I spent a glittery magical day at Popham Beach with two such hearty souls.  One friend met another friend and I early and when we arrived it was very foggy.  I was elated because it was so beautiful and of course I had brought my paints along.  Pearl went to find Doreen while I planted myself in the fog (surrounded by nasty greenhead flies) and whipped off a fog painting.  I haven’t done one of these that I can remember since the many I did while in Cornwall England.

There is a very long and wide expanse of beach before you get to the water.  The fog didn’t lift until around 1:00 or so but we went in the ocean anyway.  It was mystical since we couldn’t see very far.  There is a lot of mica on that beach so when one goes in the water it is glittery from the silt that is washed up by the waves which added to the magic.  When I glanced at my two friends I felt that I got a glimpse of them as little girls all excited by the waves, one of them body surfing and the other in her mask and snorkel.

They stayed in the water far longer than I did even though I had a wetsuit on.  I went for a long walk and when I returned to my chair I learned that Doreen had to leave to take care of her dogs but she had let me an offering of beautiful begonia petals and a formation of sand dollars by my chair.  It was so beautiful I cried.

This day will stand out in my album of special memories.

On top of that the day after I returned home from Maine a friend gifted me this mermaid that had been on her altar for many years, realizing that it would make me very happy and she has a practice of passing things on……

Thanks for visiting.   Melissa