I Love Summer July 22, 2014

I love summer!   Living in the northeast makes one really appreciate the difference in the various seasons.  Winter never used to phase me but WHOA living here has made me come to love any season but winter.  I lose lots of “productive time” in summer in regards to my work because there are so many yummy things to do.  Every morning I concoct a delicious drink for the day.  Sometimes it’s basil water (a trick I learned from my Phoenix friend who is lucky enough to be able to grow basil all year round.  Sometimes it’s mint water made from the 3 varieties of mint I have growing.  Sometimes it’s mixtures.  Todays’ cooling mixture has spearmint, cucumber, sliced ginger, some blueberries and a few cherries and a nice glob of raw honey.  In case you were wondering,  yes, I boil water and pour it over the mixture, then let it sit (accelerates things to putit on a rack or on a burner – the old fashioned kind- anything to raise it  up and quicken the cooling process- and then refrigerate.  Sigh…..

After that it’s time to water the garden and harvest anything for dinner.  There may be a gazillion other chores added in there before I can even get into the office, including enjoying watching my 3 cats exploring the wilds.

Then we get to mid day and I know my pals are just down the road at the lake.  I really want to go- but there is much to do including paint…..

I’m grateful to have such choices and I appreciate them all daily.  It’s only the issue of time I fester over.

Off to work.