Painting Flurry July 2014


Since I generally don’t travel much in the summer months I decided to buckle down in the studio and experiment with a couple of new series of paintings. They are kind of fuzzy in my mind which is how it begins….I haven’t really changed the way I paint in a long time and not that this is changing the way I paint, but it is expanding it you might say.

It makes me nervous because I’m pushing the proverbial envelope. Some days I’ve been totally dissatisfied which can feel pretty crappy. Other days I can see changes, but then fall back into old patterns. I’ve been wanting to come up with something different for awhile and growth is not always easy.

Therefore I can find myself in a bit of a funk when the painting session has not gone well. I laugh at myself because I know better and I tell my students not to get down on themselves, but still……it’s not easy to spend 4-5 hours working on something and walk away disliking it and knowing I will wipe it all off the next day.

And then of course it’s tough to get myself into the studio when I love to swim, the weather is great for it and the lake is just a few minutes away. DISCIPLINE !!!

But I’m committed. And I’ll be showing you the fruits of my labors in the fall.

Thanks for stopping by.