Going with the Changes

outdoor painting


For the last few years what has inspired me the most in terms of my art has been bodies of water. As summer approaches I am feeling inside as to what calls me to paint since summer and winter typically are the seasons where I may have the most time to “paint for myself” meaning painting with no particular audience in mind or painting images for my publishing line. I am still looking forward to being in Maine and the Cape and working on the seascapes but something else is brewing. I feel that I haven’t finished some of the series that I began years ago- there may be more cats, more butterflies, more intimacy, but in a different way. I used to resist change much more than I do now and part of that has had to do with my business.

Folks used to buy more greeting cards and now we do much more online. I had to learn to work with vendors and reps coming and going and sourcing out new ones.

In my personal life I also have had to adjust to changes and I’ve come to appreciate the growth that results from the feeling of letting go and trusting.

So we shall see what surfaces from more down time having finished my last book.

Thanks for dropping by, Melissa