Mindfulness and Creativity

Being mindful means being completely present in the moment. How do you define “being present?” When we are present we are not distracted by the past, the future, or even that very moment. Our focus is on our in-the-moment state of circumstances, and we gain a greater awareness of our surroundings by way of all our senses. When we are present in any given moment we are open to receive inspirations that may feed our creativity. This practice is one I make a habit of as I move throughout my day.

There are times like lately when my mind is even more active than usual because I’m trying to keep up with my father’s healing progress in another state and it is challenging to stay present. I find when I’m driving that I’ve a bit of a distance without realizing what I passed on the way. I don’t like functioning like this but it’s taking more effort than usual to stay on task.

I’m still working on the re-writes for my new book as well as developing a new product. I’m excited to share that with you but I want to have at least a mock up before I present it. And then there is the GARDEN. Every year I go through some stress about not having the time I’d like to be able to spend much time in there. Fortunately I share it with a good friend and neighbor who takes care of much of the work. For me, gardening is such a wonderful mindfulness tool. I need to stay focused so that I don’t shake too many seeds out of the packet and into the soil, and so that I don’t wheel the wheelbarrow into the wrong spot. If you are a fellow gardener, and even if you are not, joy to you in this glorious time of year when Mother Nature is slowly, yes SLOWLY waking up.

Till next time, Melissa