BEAUTY March 15, 2014


For the past couple of months, and, depending on one’s outlook, all my life, immersed in beauty.  I grew up in rural Virginia and I always thought it was beautiful, though looking back, the area that I grew up in was not especially pretty. Something a friend in Hawaii said to me last month stands out in my mind.  She said that she wants to dedicate the rest of her life to the revival of truth and beauty.  When I mentioned that to another friend here in Florida the other night she remarked that she didn’t know that these things had gone away.  As I ponder that I agree, I don’t think that they have, but I do think that the value placed on both of those qualities has been compromised in particular situations. Perhaps it always has.

As I write this to you I’m sitting on the deck of what I fondly call The Tree House” , a lovely guest cottage where I stay when I am in High Springs Florida.  I’m surrounded by an abundance of varieties of trees, plants and bird songs.  The azaleas have bloomed.  There is a river just behind me, the Itchnatucky.  I can walk a short way and see turtles warming themselves in the sun, egrets, cranes, and even eagles.  On top of that I just returned from a month in Hawaii, three different islands, and beauty has been on my mind more than usual recently.  I find myself in awe and gratitude for this planet we call home.  There is so much beauty around us and I make sure that I don’t take that for granted and that I do all I can to help sustain this.  If you run into me in person you’ll be likely to hear me go off on plastic and how we abuse it and how it’s destroying sea life and on and on.  I noted that they don’t even offer plastic bags at the markets in Hawaii.  I use cloth bags always and I buy bars of soap to avoid the necessity of plastic containers.  I don’t know what is right for you but I do know that :

We all enjoy the beauty surrounding us.

I also know how easy it is to find beauty wherever we are if we are open.  Sometimes being in a place for awhile can numb us to it’s beauty.  My own home is an old farmhouse and tends to be dark inside but I sometimes find myself dazzled by the way the light hits specific rooms in late afternoon or by the view from my office window of the tops of the evergreens after a snowfall.  Usually what I find accentuates the beauty of anything is light.  I can be in my hotel room dressing for the day when I notice a slice of light creating a shape on the carpet.  I stop and observe, if only briefly.  It keeps my sense of awareness sharp.

Now for TRUTH:

Perhaps how we adhere to truth has not changed throughout the ages- What do you think?  There will always be those that place a high value on living with integrity, being as authentic as possible.  Conversely, there will always be those that cut corners and do what they feel they need to even if that means harming what stands in the way of that.  If we stay true to what we feel is right, both for ourselves and for all concerned we are doing the best we can.

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Until next time,  Melissa