The Maui Chapter

This leg of my trip has been interesting- ……..  I spent a good deal of it sick in bed.  I slept 2 1/2 days straight which is a first for me.  It’s a vulnerable place to be in being sick so far away from  home and alone.  I have a couple of contacts I could have called in an emergency.  It’s just hard to even get up and take the things one is supposed to take when one is sick.  There are a lot of viruses going around on the island.

This one was stubborn.  I had a few acupuncture sessions and what finally kicked it was a couple of ozone sessions which I had not heard of before.  Evidently they give it by injection in many places but I was zipped into a sauna bag and they released it into the sauna where it was absorbed through my skin.

Wheew!  Glad that is over before I take off to the next island, Kauai.

I pushed myself to get out and paint every morning that I could because I needed to make the rounds to my favorite painting spots here.  I’ve done quite a few pieces that I like.  I look forward to showing them to you on my newsletter.

I also connected with a very interesting man and had a clearing done with him and learned a lot about ET’s.  His name is James Gilliland.  More on my newsletter later.

Until then, stay warm if you are in the midst of this difficult winter.PD 133