Women and Magic January 3, 2014

Hey Ho!  I turned in the completed manuscrpt for my new book on the first day of the New Year.  Hooray for me!  I had an awful incident during the last week of working on it whereby I lost 11 chapters.  I couldn’t find them anywhere, on either computer.  They somehow got lost in the Bermuda Triangle of my world.

It’s difficult enough for me to show up to write in the first place, much less to have to repeat something I’ve already done.  The good news is that it was fresh in my mind so I could recall it with not too much difficulty.

At the moment I hail to you from Florida.  Back home it’s in the single digits and I feel a bit guilty, not not guilty enough to miss my daily walk on the beach here.  There’s something so vital to me about doing that.  I know that people who live here all the time don’t even come to the water, makes no sense to me.  The air is so rejuvenating.  The sound of the waves is so wonderful.  I have a friend who didn’t enjoy living right by the water because he says “It never shuts up- the waves don’t stop”………….. I feel the same about television when I’m in the company of those who like TV……….

While here I completed the book, a remote portrait and had fabulous fun time with friends.  Life is good.  Such a relief to  be done writing. I feel that it is important for me to have gotten the material out but I don’t enjoy it nearly as much as I do painting.  I know you may be curious about the book but I’ll be telling you more as time approaches.  It’s so far away.  Meanwhile I’ll be showing yo lots of new paintings soon.  Now that the book is done I’ll have time to touch them up and post them.

Wintry Blessings, Melissa