September 4, 2013 Painting Process

Many folks don’t realize that for 95% of the travel that I do I am working.  I made a conscious decision that I would take plenty of down time in August.  And funny, when I got to Maine on the second leg of my downtime, I realized that I left my computer at home.  Ha!  No work for me, said Spirit!  Actually , if  you count painting, then I worked the entire time.  And it’s tiring.  But I mean office work, being at the computer, planning events, making flyers, processing orders, like that.

I’ve rebelled a bit in terms of back to work.  My system got so relaxed, in a good way, that I am finding it difficult to get up to speed.  But it’s the creative process that drives me.
And I’m gearing up now for the next workshop, so even when I find myself swimming in the lake, I am scheming and considering who is attending and what themes we may work with etc.

Life is full and I am enjoying following the creative flow.

Peace be with you.