Painting in the Outer Banks – August 7 2013

Sign.  Just back from a week in the Outer Banks where I caught every sunset that I could.  In the area where I was staying there is an ocean side and a sound side.  I love painting on the water and depending on either my mood, the weather or the light I set up where ever it was most conducive to a great painting.  I ended up with about 6 paintings.  I have to laugh because it was the last painting that is the strongest and I spent maybe a total of 6 minutes on it.  It was almost dark but the colors and the light and shadows were so very dramatic that I had to pull out the paints I had already thrown in the car.  Also there was some trash from a restaurant nearby and the mosquitoes attacked me till I was  hoppin and scratchin.  I’m excited to have a couple of hours to fine tune the batch of paintings and finish that very last one.  Keep an eye on the Seascape gallery of this website to see them soon.