July 9 2013 – Guided Journey

Holy moly- it hasn’t stopped!  The good news is that when it does I have a bunch of paintings ready to pop out.  The below photo is from an impromptu photo shoot I decided to do. I met the fabulous Tamara Trejo from Half Moon Bay California at the wonderful Womens Voices for a Change arts and activism symposium in Saratoga last month.  She showed the photos that she takes of women as their goddess selves and I knew that I wanted to have mine done.  What I didn’t know is that they would all be done in the water in the nude!  It was lots of fun and the water is one of the places I am most at home.  There is a whole collection of these photos and all of them are amazing.  You can find some of them on my facebook page and look out for the paintings that I will create from them.  Normally I have other folks posing for me and I am the director.  This was a fun process with Tamara because I was on the opposite side of the lens.  We really had a blast.  See you soon!