1/26/2013 Making a Living as an Artist

It’s been a wonderful 3 weeks here in Florida.  But now it’s time to head back north for the next chapter. Making a living as an artist is one of the chapters in my book.  My parents tried to discourage me from becoming an artist- much less a painter because they knew that most of us artists are not lucky enough to be able to pull it off.  Here in Florida I’ve been busy wearing the many hats I do in order to keep things rolling.  Some of them include teaching a workshop on developing one’s psychic awareness, doing Spirit Essence Portraits, doing a wholesale trade show and painting a mural!  That’s a lot of activity for one week.  Most people are surprised to hear that I am not happily painting away in my studio every day.  That may be the case for many artists but not for me at this point.  So you want to know what I’m busy doing?  I have written a whole chapter on it in the book.  I know you will find it informative.  So order your copy today and thanks!