Painting Outside the Lines


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Fine artist, free spirit, successful entrepreneur, psychic and medium, Melissa Harris shares her art and her life – a feast of creative exploration. As a “sensitive” childhood leads to young adult struggles, she expands portrait painting to open doorways into souls and sojourns in New York and Paris to learn to paint only what she loves.

Autobiographical in nature, in this book Melissa reveals her beliefs about the truths of some general traits of the artist and the common ingredients of an artist’s life. “For me, there is no other choice but to paint.”

Painting Outside the Lines is a visual feast, vibrant in color and emotion, sensuous and soulful. As we enter the enchanted world of the artist as seer and adventurer, Melissa’s expressive work captures the universal stories of our own human experiences. If these oils, watercolors and collages are her medicine, this healing spreads across the pages, inspiring us to express our inner world and ignite our visionary nature, a reminder that even erratic and ever-evolving lives can lead to graceful changes and that, truly, “Anything is possible!”


“Every page of the book is beautiful.  The writing held in frames….like a painting!  The paintings you include are abundant and fill the pages with color.  Your writing is lucidly clear.  All in all, your inclusion of photographs, combined with your personal life story, combined with your art, combined with Spirit, the Divine— it all gives the reader and experience of being an Artist!!!  And helps the reader to feel the power of creativity–which he/she has within- it helps him/her to feel that!  The book in an amazing giving,  giving everything”.  it is fascinating and inspiring and transforming for the reader.  Thank you for this work of art ! ”     Margit Collagrande – Phoenicia, NY

“Your book is a GIFT to all who move through every page.  Thank you for sharing your rich life experiences and the depths of your soul.  Your honesty and truths within which you have expressed beautifully is so moving.  There is an abundance of inspiration and freeing energies that emit from your very words.  You truly follow your inner voice. The book has helped me understand myself better and how I can possibly work with Spirit in a blended way with my passions.   You inspire, motivate and support others by how you work and who you are.”

Anna Nicoletti- MA

“Not only is this a beautiful book but an inspiring message. It has indeed inspired me to renew practices shoved by the wayside. I felt very intense energy in my hands while reading your book that I hadn’t felt since I participated in Course in Miracles meeting years ago.  Interesting,…………”

Jeanie Taft    Avon, NC